NourishMaa Campaign Launched in Punjab for Improving Maternal Nutrition

The latest National Nutrition Survey 2018 (NNS-2018) indicates that the macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies are alarming amongst women of reproductive age (WRA, 15-49 years).

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NourishMaa Campaign Launched in Punjab for Improving Maternal Nutrition

NourishMaa programme has been introduced in Lahore by Nutrition International in collaboration with the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination and the Punjab Health Department. Through improving the knowledge and abilities of healthcare professionals and frontline health workers in two areas, the campaign seeks to enhance maternal nutrition in Punjab.

The consequences of maternal malnutrition are extensive, making it a critical concern in Pakistan. The NourishMaa Campaign, lauded for its teamwork, seeks to address this problem by establishing beneficial alliances with the Department of Health and specialised medical organisations. The programme will make use of social media and mainstream media to significantly improve maternal nutrition across the nation.

NourishMaa Campaign Launched in Punjab for Improving Maternal Nutrition

According to the National Nutrition Survey 2018, macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies affect Pakistani women of reproductive age, who also have alarmingly high rates of underweight, overweight, obesity, and anaemia. Adolescent girls are also included in the campaign’s target demographic because of their worrying nutritional state. Negative maternal and child health outcomes are influenced by early marriage, pregnancies that are narrowly spaced apart, and maternal malnutrition. The NourishMaa campaign emphasises the crucial role of healthcare providers and frontline health workers and is in line with the Pakistan Maternal Nutrition Strategy 2022-27.

The NourishMaa Campaign seeks to improve the capabilities of public and private sector health professionals, significant thought leaders, and other stakeholders in Pakistan by raising awareness of maternal nutrition. It will be put into practise in six areas, including Rawalpindi and Bahawalpur in Punjab, in cooperation with governmental entities, professional groups, and organisations. The programme aims to raise awareness among healthcare professionals, involve important stakeholders, and spur action to improve maternal nutrition at the federal and provincial levels.

Distinguished people, including government leaders and healthcare specialists, were present during the launch event. The campaign will employ a variety of strategies over the following two years to improve the understanding and motivation of healthcare providers and important opinion leaders, including media outreach, social media campaigns, seminars, and trainings. The NourishMaa campaign has the potential to spread across the country, end the cycle of malnutrition, and enhance maternal and infant health in Pakistan.

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