Spotify Celebrates Two Years of Fresh Finds Pakistan

Spotify is taking its support of these independent artists to the next level with the Fresh Finds program.

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Spotify Celebrating Two Years of Fresh Finds Pakistan

Fresh Finds Pakistan, powered by Spotify, was launched two years ago with the intention of fostering undiscovered talent and advancing the careers of deserving musicians.

A dynamic playlist that highlights the newest musical phenomena is at the center of the presentation. Since 2021, 346 artists have been featured, and monthly listener growth has increased from 200% to 5,000% in the last 6 months.

The Fresh Finds initiative is an advancement in Spotify’s support, offering resources and tools for long-term success. The importance of supporting independent artists’ discovery, development, and agency is stressed by Rutaba Yaqub.

Abdul Hannan, Eifi, and Nehal Naseem are notable success stories, shining alongside individuals like Faisal and Shahmeer Raza Khan.

Top tracks “Beqadra,” “Sukoon,” and “Kismat” demonstrate the global impact. The number-one songs on the charts are “Secrets,” “Zamanay,” and “Beetay Zamaney – Unplugged.”

Fresh Finds Pakistan helped 111 artists, demonstrating the organization’s function as an engine of development. Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore are in the lead. Fresh voices from 2023, such as Eifi, Nehaal Naseem, Izzchughtai, and Jawad, who promise innovative and entrancing tunes, continue to be amplified.

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