Aga Khan University Launches Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in Pakistan

Nearly 100 students from all over Pakistan are a part of our first Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) class.

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Aga Khan University Launches Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in Pakistan

The Aga Khan University is pleased to announce the launch of its Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), a substantial extension of our academic offerings that will give students access to a broad range of interdisciplinary courses. This represents a turning point in the history of our institution as we expand our curriculum beyond health sciences and teacher education to include a wide range of new disciplines. This is the first new faculty that AKU has introduced in Pakistan in three decades.

Students at FAS have the option of majoring in human and environmental biology, social development studies, philosophy, politics, or eastern and western studies. No matter what career route they choose, FAS graduates will be well-equipped to succeed and work with others on a global level.

Our academic offerings have advanced significantly with the addition of the FAS undergraduate program, reinforcing our position as a preeminent university with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

“The Faculty of Arts and Sciences embodies our Chancellor’s vision of providing the best educational opportunities to students in Pakistan and the developing world through inclusion, diversity, and expanded access to world-class education,” said AKU President Sulaiman Shahabuddin. This goal aims to develop people who will energize civil society, advocate for good governance, propel social and economic progress, cultivate appreciation for plurality, and advance ethical behavior in addition to the development of top-tier health care professionals.

Nearly 100 students from all over Pakistan are a part of our first FAS class, which is starting its academic adventure. Through a needs-sensitive admissions procedure that admits students on the basis of their merit rather than their financial situation and makes generous financial aid available, FAS encourages inclusivity and diversity.

“We’re building on what has worked so effectively in some of the great institutions around the world, like Harvard, Yale, Middlebury, or Reed,” FAS Dean Stephen Lyon emphasized. A learning environment that cultivates well-rounded individuals ready for a variety of occupations, active citizenship, and meaningful lifestyles that truly contribute to society is made possible by bringing together multiple disciplines.

With the introduction of FAS, AKU hopes to emulate our achievements in medicine and other sectors by achieving international standards in the humanities, social sciences, and scientific sciences. In order to develop a varied group of young scholars into competent thinkers who actively contribute to a better future for our country, FAS is committed to empowering and fostering them.

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