AKU’s Brain and Mind Institute and Partners Shine a Light on Mental Wellness

Synapse - Pakistan Neuroscience Institute, National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), British Asian Trust, and Aga Khan University’s Brain and Mind Institute (BMI).

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AKU’s Brain and Mind Institute and Partners Shine a Light on Mental Wellness

AKU’s Brain and Mind Institute has started a campaign to encourage good mental health in Pakistan in partnership with Synapse – Pakistan Neuroscience Institute, NAPA, and the British Asian Trust. This collaborative project, “Jashn e Nur: Celebrating the Light Within,” aims to empower young people and treat mental health issues. The occasion highlighted the significance of mental health as a fundamental human right, devoid of prejudice against anyone on the basis of their age, gender, socioeconomic level, culture, race, or religion.

A prevalence rate of 35% among adolescents, which is significantly higher than the global norm, is particularly alarming and affects almost 20 million individuals in Pakistan. Panel discussions, poetry readings, policy discussions, and leisure activities including art therapy, meditation, educational short films, storytelling, and walls for creative expression were all part of the event.

The festival stands for a dedication to prioritize mental and cognitive health, particularly for Pakistani youth and adolescents. Ms. Falak Madhani, Implementation Scientist at BMI, emphasized the significance of utilizing culturally appropriate strategies for mental health.

Discussions about mental health, narrative, and climate change were included in the event, along with perspectives on young people’s mental health from a human rights standpoint. For the purpose of involving and educating the audience, sections on slam poetry and tiny adjustments were also added.

Finally, “Jashn e Nur” provided a platform for highlighting the importance of mental health by looking beyond disease and concentrating on wholeness. The purpose of the gathering was to dispel stigmas, dispel myths, and advance systemic, legislative fixes. Additionally, it advocated for the construction of a comprehensive national mental health policy that would incorporate mental health into a number of societal domains, including governance, development, education, health, and economics.

The generous contributions of sponsors like Tapal Tea Pvt. LTD, British Asian Trust, Friends of Synapse, Alfalah Investment, and Pakistan Stock Exchange, as well as the coordinated efforts of groups committed to community mental health advocacy, made it possible for this festival to be a success. “Jashn-e-Nur” celebrated one’s individuality as the basis of positive mental health, highlighting the significance of fostering mental health along with physical well-being.

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