Unity Foods Explores Agricultural Opportunities at The Future Summit

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Unity Foods Explores Agricultural Opportunities at The Future Summit

The 7th Edition of The Future Summit was principally sponsored by Unity Foods Limited, a well-known agro-products company that emphasized the substantial prospects in Pakistan’s agriculture industry. CEO Farrukh Amin highlighted the industry’s potential in the face of economic difficulties, pointing to a decline in per capita income as a result of COVID-19 and flooding in 2022, which coincided with a depreciation of the world currency.

Amin emphasized Pakistan’s agricultural advantages by pointing to rankings of important crops and a noteworthy 73% increase in agricultural exports, particularly to China. Anticipating a surge in textile exports, he predicted a 126% increase in cotton production. In an effort to reduce imports, Amin urged both domestic and foreign investors to take a closer look at the industry, given the growing local food need and export possibilities.

Amin brought up the ongoing need for food as a result of Pakistan’s growing population during the summit. He promoted investing in crops that provide edible oil in order to lower imports and preserve foreign currency.

Amir Shehzad, Executive Director, emphasized Unity Foods’ dedication to net-zero and sustainable efforts. The company employs corporate farming, fortified products, and farmer education to solve food security and malnutrition.

Speakers from both domestic and foreign venues addressed important subjects during the Future Summit, including Shaping the Future, Leadership in Disruption, and Sustainability. The acting Federal Minister for Energy, Power, and Petroleum was a notable guest at the event.

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