inDrive, Vlektra Alliance Drives Sustainable Transport in Pakistan

inDrive partners with Vlektra to pave the path toward sustainable transportation in the country.

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inDrive, Vlektra Alliance Drives Sustainable Transport in Pakistan

The well-known ride-hailing firm inDrive is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the forward-thinking electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Vlektra to bring electric motorcycles to Pakistan. This innovative action emphasizes a movement towards sustainability and represents a major milestone in the country’s transportation sector.

By lowering carbon emissions, inDrive, the first firm in Pakistan to include EVs in its fleet, shows that it is dedicated to battling pollution and advancing environmental sustainability. The collaboration is a team effort to promote more environmentally friendly travel and deal with environmental issues.

Roman Ermoshin, Director of inDrive’s APAC area, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and emphasized how important it will be in fostering a greener, more environmentally conscious future. Likewise, Vlektra’s co-founder Fatiq Bin Khursheed emphasized the innovative nature of the relationship, which aims to establish new environmentally responsible norms in the region.

In addition to introducing EVs, inDrive starts a competition aimed at increasing public knowledge of EVs and environmental sustainability. With the help of this program, high-achieving drivers will receive free electric bicycles, encouraging environmentally friendly mobility and spreading awareness of the benefits of EV technology.

With the introduction of EV bikes and the implementation of educational programs, this strategic partnership between inDrive and Vlektra is poised to revolutionize the transportation sector and lead Pakistan toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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