Zong 4G and MYCO Expand with Premier League Streaming

The partnership that successfully brought the Cricket World Cup continues to offer the best streaming experience to Zong customers.

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Zong 4G and MYCO Expand with Premier League Streaming

After a successful partnership during the Cricket World Cup, Zong 4G and MYCO have teamed together again with the goal of revolutionizing sports streaming. This collaboration, which has been praised for its commitment to providing MZA with top-notch sports entertainment, now goes beyond cricket.

Their most recent project offers English Premier League (EPL) live streaming exclusively. The EPL is a highly popular football league with a huge global fan base. This partnership promises an enhanced viewing experience, giving fans unmatched access to the dramatic and exciting action of the league.

The Premier League’s addition to the MYCO app was one of the highlights of the Zong 4G spokesperson’s excitement for this development. The MZA platform guarantees fans a flawless experience while they watch their preferred leagues and games.

In addition to cricket and the EPL, the cooperation between MYCO and MZA provides sports fans around the country with a wide range of sports entertainment, such as Tennis Leagues, the NT20 Cup, and other leagues.

This partnership marks an important turning point for Pakistan’s sports streaming industry. Through the integration of state-of-the-art technology and a passion for sports, Zong 4G and MYCO hope to excite viewers and transform the way they watch sports.

As Zong 4G and MYCO work to improve sports streaming through MZA, fans nationwide can expect an unmatched entertainment experience. Stay tuned for additional developments.

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