Zong 4G and HANDS Partner to Bridge Digital Gap in Education

Zong 4G and HANDS are motivated to bridge the digital gap in Pakistan by providing students with unrestricted digital access to foster knowledge imperatives and help them excel in the digital world.

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Zong 4G and HANDS Partner to Bridge Digital Gap in Education

Leading Pakistani telecom provider Zong 4G has partnered with the Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) to open an inventive Digital Lab at the FAS School in Noor Muhammad Goth, which is close to Karachi. This partnership, which is a component of Zong 4G’s Sustainability Program, aims to give students in underprivileged areas access to cutting-edge technology, improve their digital literacy, and enable them to participate in the digital world. The school, which has 120 pupils, wants to grow so that more kids may receive a top-notch education.

Zong 4G and HANDS initiate a collaborative effort to make Digital Education Accessible for Youth

HANDS, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare, education, and socioeconomic conditions in Pakistan, shares the goal of bridging the digital divide. With its newfound strength, the digital lab is ready to overcome its past setbacks and provide students with an even more seamless and interesting learning experience.

The official spokesman for Zong 4G emphasized, “Zong 4G is committed to supporting educational institutions. Our collaboration with HANDS is in line with our Sustainability Program, which seeks to improve Pakistani society’s well-being. Our mission is to enable students on their educational path by providing accessible digital education.”

Zong 4G and HANDS team up for youth digital education access 03

This partnership is a determined attempt to advance digital education significantly, which will ultimately improve the educational experience for children from underserved communities.

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