Mobilink Bank Makes Strides in MSME Support and Women’s Financial Inclusion in 2023

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Mobilink Bank Makes Strides in MSME Support and Women's Financial Inclusion in 2023

Mobilink Bank went all-in on supporting MSMEs and empowering women in 2023, resulting in a remarkable year with a 41% increase in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) disbursements.

The Bank’s commitment to assisting small firms and promoting economic growth is demonstrated by the fact that 36% of its entire loan portfolio is currently made up of MSME loans. Additionally, 66,000 female borrowers received nearly PKR 12 billion in discounted financing from Mobilink Bank, with ambitions to grow the portfolio of its female borrowers by 50% over the next three years.

Apart from prioritizing MSMEs and women, Mobilink Bank is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability. The bank has converted 10% of its branches to solar power and committed PKR 1.7 billion to climate finance.

“We have had a successful year, strengthening our current business verticals and expanding into new markets to increase our influence,” Mobilink Bank President and CEO Ghazanfar Azzam stated. “Our ambitious development vision for the next three years is geared towards increasing our female customer base and expanding the reach of our climate finance program, promoting economic and environmental sustainability.”

Mobilink Bank’s impressive 2023 performance demonstrates its dedication to improving Pakistan’s economy and society. The bank is in a strong position to expand in the years to come.

*All the numbers in the above release are unaudited. 

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