Descon Oxychem Sets Sustainable Standard with ZDHC Certification

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Descon Oxychem Sets Sustainable Standard with ZDHC Certification

With great pride, Descon Oxychem Ltd. announces that it has obtained the esteemed “Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals” (ZDHC) certification. This global acknowledgment is a significant milestone in the company’s sustainability journey and confirms its steadfast dedication to environmental care.

By earning ZDHC certification, Descon Oxychem demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and handling hazardous chemicals responsibly. This dedication goes beyond its own buildings; it also gives its supply chain partners the tools they need to improve their environmental performance and join the worldwide effort to combat water pollution.

“At Descon Oxychem, we recognize the critical role of sustainable practices in shaping a better future,” said CEO Mohsin Zia. “The ZDHC certification aligns perfectly with our core environmental values and sets a new benchmark for responsible chemical management in our industry.”

By continuously fulfilling these demanding requirements, Descon Oxychem hopes to encourage others to give environmental stewardship first priority. This leadership establishes the business as a world leader in the production of sustainable chemicals, even outside of Pakistan.

Descon Oxychem is still dedicated to pursuing green practices and ongoing innovation. The ZDHC certification serves as a pillar in the company’s mission to create a cleaner, healthier future for everybody.

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