PUBG MOBILE Version 3.0 Update: Shadow Force Rises

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PUBG MOBILE Version 3.0 Update: Shadow Force Rises

On January 8th, PUBG MOBILE will release the highly anticipated Version 3.0 update. Get ready to dive into the darkness! You will be fighting until March 11th in Shadow Force, an engrossing new themed mode that encompasses Livik, Sanhok, and Erangel. Get ready for a barrage of new content and exciting updates.

Shadow Force: Dance with Darkness

Release the Shadow Blade, a powerful melee weapon with a destructive sword aura that can slay numerous opponents. Assault Blade quickly deflects incoming missiles, while Draw Slash allows you to quickly enter and exit fight. The Skytether Hook allows you to easily sidestep enemies or flee dangerous situations while performing aerial acrobatics.

The Proxy Scout is a holographic decoy that can be controlled to disturb foes and acquire intelligence without endangering you, making it a valuable tool for strategic thinkers. Old-fashioned cities have been revitalized on all the maps with fresh architecture, redesigned plans, and secret Supply Warehouses and Camo Doors brimming with treasure.

World of Wonder Unbound

The World of Wonder creative mode is enhanced in version 3.0 with an abundance of customization choices, templates, interactive objects, and other features. Create surreal experiences by using the Virtual Projection Device to create character holograms and the Humanoid Enemy Spawn Device to add life to your creations.

Arctic Base and Beyond

Put January 11th on your calendars—that’s when the next Metro Royale map, Arctic Base, will arrive! In addition to a sneaky air rifle, destructible terrain, zipline dynamics, and many other features, this snow-covered military stronghold is home to dangerous Tank and Commander foes.

Royale Pass Ace and Seasonal Delights

Conquer the Royale Pass Ace between January 14 and March 16 to reveal eye-catching goodies such colorful personalized attire, a melee weapon that can be upgraded, and the chic scooter finish. Legendary loot, such as the C6S16 Mask, C6S16 Set, and C6S16 Glasses, are also unveiled in the new season.

Some airdrops are replaced with Dragon’s Blessings on February 9th, in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations. These airdrops pulse with lightning upon landing and may contain the enigmatic Dragon’s Gift. A spiffy 2-Seat Bike, along with charming themed settings and hidden easter eggs, sprinkles the battlegrounds for Valentine’s Day, providing romantic photo opportunities.

Get ready for an exciting new IP partnership announcement soon, as well as an exciting collaboration with well-known faces. Tune in for additional information!

Explore the shadows of Version 3.0 by downloading PUBG MOBILE for free on the App Store and Google Play Store on January 8th!

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