Jake Ishler’s Formative Years in STRLING

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Jake Ishler's Formative Years in STRLING

Jake Ishler is a member of the dynamic duo STRLING. Jake’s eclectic upbringing and family history influenced his early musical tendencies, as he grew up surrounded by the resonating tones of his father’s organ playing in church settings. Pop and jazz styles were essential to his developing musical taste.

Imagine a younger Jake, getting ideas from his first guitar teacher. In addition to sharing his guitar skills, this mentor was also helpful in assisting Jake in overcoming his social anxieties. Music became more than just a hobby for Jake; it became a way for him to express his feelings and identity.

Jake’s musical journey came to an end with the creation of STRLING over the years, which is evidence of his enthusiasm and development as a musician. Jake’s diverse upbringing is reflected in the lively duo’s music, which combines a variety of influences. Jake’s journey provides an engaging backdrop to the peaceful world of STRLING, from the transformational power of a helpful mentor to the foundations set by his family’s musical tradition.

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