Zong 4G Charts Course for 2024 at Annual Business Conference

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Zong 4G Charts Course for 2024 at Annual Business Conference

Leading Pakistani telecom provider Zong 4G assembled its staff for its yearly business conference, with the subject “Elevate Core Capabilities, Strive for Excellence.” The 2024 strategic roadmap, which placed a strong emphasis on digital transformation and customer experience, was announced at the occasion along with the accomplishments of 2023.

Chairman and CEO Huo Junli praised staff members for their hard work, which has led to the development of the sector and 47 million happy clients. He emphasized 2024’s emphasis on:

  • Digital & Intelligent Transformation: Driving “Digital Pakistan” vision through advanced technologies.
  • Partnership & Product Expansion: Collaborating with local businesses and broadening offerings for enterprises and SMEs.
  • Customer Experience: Delivering top-notch network services nationwide.
  • Sustainability: Bridging the digital divide and improving lives in Pakistan.

Mr. Junli underlined Zong’s dedication to bringing innovative technology, enabling companies, and building a more inclusive digital Pakistan. The company’s commitment to continuing to play a significant role in determining Pakistan’s digital future was demonstrated at the conference.

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