Zong 4G and BaKhabar Kisan Partner to Empower Farmers with Agri-Tech

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Zong 4G and BaKhabar Kisan Partner to Empower Farmers with Agri-Tech

Zong 4G, the leading telecom provider in Pakistan, has teamed up with BaKhabar Kisan, an extensive agricultural knowledge portal, to offer farmers professional guidance and smooth communication. The improvement of livestock management, crop production, and general agricultural practices in Pakistan is the goal of this partnership.

Zong 4G customers will benefit from convenient access to BaKhabar Kisan’s call center and mobile app through this agreement. There, they may receive tailored guidance from agricultural specialists regarding weather, crops, animals, and other related topics. Farmers can also text 8494 with *8494# or call *8494# to sign up for a daily service for Rs. 2.5.

It is anticipated that this effort will give farmers with the information and tools necessary to thrive in a cutthroat market. Farmers are being assisted in making better decisions and improving their standard of living via Zong 4G and BaKhabar Kisan through the timely and accurate information they provide.

The following services will be provided to the user of subscribed bundles:

Personalized Agri Content

  1. Personalization of crop advisory: based on crop calendar, crop lifecycle, and farmer location.
  2. Personalization of livestock: based on their flock or herd and animal breed.
  3. Personalization of weather: Based on their farm location and not the entire district or city.

Access to the dynamic Interactive Voice Response

Access to an Agri-advisory call centre

Advice on Agri resources

Access to Agri partner ecosystem

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