Aashir Wajahat’s ‘Sadqay’ Soars to #1 on Spotify

Sadqay has a current streaming count surpassing 4.4 million!

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Aashir Wajahat's 'Sadqay' Soars to #1 on Spotify

In a breakthrough moment for emerging artist Aashir Wajahat, his latest track ‘Sadqay’ has claimed the #1 position on Spotify Pakistan’s Weekly Charts, marking a meteoric rise since its release on February 1, 2024. Aashir, also the Fresh Finds Pakistan artist for February, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support received, stating, “We shared a piece of our heart with everyone and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Keep spreading love!”

The track’s success extends beyond local charts, with ‘Sadqay’ making waves globally, featured in over 100,000 playlists and reaching over 1 million listeners worldwide. Its universal appeal is evident as it secures the #1 spot on the Global Viral Charts and Viral India Charts, as well as the #2 position on Viral UAE Charts, with a Top 50 placement on India Daily Charts.

Released just a week ago, ‘Sadqay’ has seen a staggering growth of over 4000% in Aashir’s listenership, with daily streams soaring from 18,500 to nearly 400,000. The track’s inclusion in popular editorial playlists like Fresh Finds Pakistan and Pakka Hit Hai has contributed to its widespread recognition. To further enhance its reach, Spotify is featuring ‘Sadqay’ in its Desi Pop playlist, offering a broader audience the chance to experience Aashir’s infectious melodies and captivating vocals.

With a current streaming count surpassing 4.4 million, ‘Sadqay’ stands as a testament to Aashir Wajahat’s musical prowess, captivating audiences globally and solidifying his position as a rising star in the music industry.

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