Skills360 Equipping Pakistani Youth with In-Demand Skills

Skills360 is a platform exploring new horizons for empowerment through practical skill development.

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Skills360 Equipping Pakistani Youth with In-Demand Skills

Coach360, a renowned platform for mentoring young talent, has launched Skills360, a pioneering EdTech initiative in Pakistan. This platform aims to empower the nation’s youth by providing crucial IT skills, paving the way for secure financial futures.

Skills360 adopts a structured approach to career development, offering a streamlined process. Individuals can choose a course aligned with their aspirations, followed by expert-led learning and interactive assessments to solidify acquired knowledge.

Uniquely, Skills360 fosters real-world application of these skills, creating opportunities to start earning. Initially, the platform offers courses in Graphic Design and CMS Development, with plans for expansion.

“Skills360 goes beyond learning; it’s a gateway to financial empowerment,” says Burhan Mirza, Co-Founder. “We equip individuals with practical, in-demand skills, making them job-ready and financially secure.”

Kashif Hussain Shah, Executive Director, emphasizes the importance of skill development in today’s competitive landscape. “Our courses ensure learners can compete globally,” he says. “Our vision is to empower youth to stay in Pakistan, contribute to foreign exchange earnings, and build successful careers online.”

The launch event attracted prominent figures from the digital and educational sectors, including Mr. Shahab Sarki, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan. Additionally, Skills360 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ProByte, a leading IT company, solidifying their commitment to advancing digital skills and fostering innovation in Pakistan’s job market.

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