Limited Business Travel Propensity in Pakistan: Gallup Survey

13% Pakistanis say they are likely or very likely to travel abroad for business purposes in the future.

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Limited Business Travel Propensity in Pakistan: Gallup Survey

Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, the country’s affiliate of Gallup International, was recently surveyed to understand Pakistanis’ likelihood of traveling abroad for business purposes. The findings reveal interesting insights, with a significant portion of the population not considering such travel a possibility.

The survey, conducted among 1,023 adults across Pakistan’s provinces, found that 68% of respondents indicated being “not likely at all” to travel internationally for business. This highlights a potential limitation in Pakistan’s business travel culture or a lack of opportunities necessitating such travel.

While the majority are unlikely to travel for business, a combined 13% expressed a degree of openness. 2% said it was “very likely,” and 11% responded with “somewhat likely.” This segment could represent business professionals engaged in international trade or those employed by multinational corporations.

survey conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan

The survey also found that 10% of respondents were unsure about future business travel. This group might require further analysis to understand their hesitations. Perhaps a lack of familiarity with international business travel procedures or anxieties about navigating foreign environments contributes to their indecisiveness.

The research employed telephonic surveys (CATI) to collect data, ensuring a representative sample from urban and rural areas. Conducted from January 3rd to 18th, 2024, the survey boasts a margin of error of approximately ±2–3 percent at a 95% confidence level. This strengthens the study’s credibility.

Gallup & Gilani Pakistan’s survey offers a valuable snapshot of Pakistani adults’ perspectives on business travel. Further research could explore reasons behind the limited travel propensity and identify factors that might encourage it. Understanding these dynamics can inform strategies to enhance Pakistan’s participation in the global business landscape.

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