PUBG Mobile Update 3.1 Takes Players to Nimbus Islands

PUBG MOBILE celebrates its six year anniversary with the new Version 3.1 Update.

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PUBG Mobile Update 3.1 Takes Players to Nimbus Islands

PUBG Mobile’s Version 3.1 update brings a fantastical world to battle royale with the Nimbus Islands and Skyhigh Spectacle themed mode. Available until May 12th, players can experience unique combat scenarios and strategic gameplay on these whimsical floating islands. The update also features Metro Royale Chapter 19 updates, World of Wonder improvements, and a brand new Home system for players to unleash their creativity.

Players can now enjoy a change of pace from traditional PUBG Mobile battlegrounds with the Nimbus Islands. Each island features a distinct atmosphere: Sky Isle (Day) offers a bright and vibrant environment for intense firefights, while Sky Isle (Night) provides a darker, stealthier setting. Players can access the Nimbus Islands through portals that appear during the Erangel, Livik, and Miramar matches. After a set time, the islands disappear, returning players to the main match. The islands are filled with ample supplies, allowing players to gear up for battle or make a tactical retreat.

The Nimbus Islands introduce a variety of exciting features, including the wish-granting Genie, the fantastical Flying Carpet vehicle, and the airborne Sky Treasure Ship. Players can summon the Genie to receive rewards and a Respawn Card, while the Flying Carpet offers unique ground and air travel options. The Sky Treasure Ship travels a set route, dropping valuable loot at designated points.

Version 3.1 introduces the Grooving Grenade, which creates a temporary dance zone, and the Portal Staff, allowing for quick mid-range travel and teammate rescues. Players also receive a Treasure Map to locate valuable crates and potentially discover the elusive Treasure Vault Key.

The Miramar map receives a significant overhaul in Version 3.1. New areas, gas station updates with vehicle refueling, and new ziplines enhance the gameplay experience. Additionally, potential sandstorms add another layer of challenge.

PUBG Mobile’s creative mode, World of Wonder, celebrates its first anniversary with a fairytale theme. Players can now utilize pirate ships, cannons, and telescopes alongside new rainy and snowy weather effects. The most significant addition is the Home system, allowing players to design and build their dream homes.

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