Spotify Celebrates a Decade of K-Pop Domination

The campaign features ENHYPEN dropping the Spotify K-Pop ON! Single in an ode to BTS, delivering their rendition of "I NEED U" - with a twist.

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Spotify Celebrates a Decade of K-Pop Domination

Spotify is celebrating a decade of bringing K-Pop to the world, marking a major milestone for the genre’s global expansion. The music streaming giant launched a special series of Spotify Singles featuring ENHYPEN, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON (MONSTA X), and STAYC, each artist covering songs by their K-Pop inspirations.

This campaign, titled “My First K-Pop Crush,” highlights the impact senior artists have had on newer generations of K-Pop idols and fans alike. ENHYPEN’s rendition of BTS’s “I NEED U” exemplifies this perfectly, showcasing their appreciation for the group that ignited their passion for the genre.

These exclusive covers aren’t just a celebration of K-Pop’s influence, they’re also a testament to Spotify’s role in music discovery. Since launching its flagship K-Pop playlist, K-Pop ON!, in 2014, Spotify has amassed over 5.3 million users saving the playlist and billions of streams for Korean artists globally.

The platform’s dedication to highlighting K-Pop has fueled its meteoric rise. From 2018 to 2024, K-Pop streams on Spotify saw a massive increase: 182% in the US, 423% in Southeast Asia, and a staggering 362% globally.

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