TikTok Removes 176 Million Videos in Q4 2023

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TikTok Removes 176 Million Videos in Q4 2023

TikTok is making significant strides in content moderation according to its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for Q4 2023. The company removed a staggering 176 million videos globally, demonstrating their commitment to creating a safe and positive online experience.

Utilizing advanced technology, TikTok proactively identified and removed nearly 99.5% of violating videos before they could be viewed by users. This highlights their dedication to preventing the spread of harmful content.

The report also details actions taken against spam accounts and underage users, further emphasizing TikTok’s commitment to a secure platform.

For more details on the specific types of content removed and TikTok’s community guidelines, you can visit their Transparency Center available in Urdu and English.

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