Shan Foods Becomes Shan Shares

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Shan Foods Becomes Shan Shares

Pakistan’s leading food company, Shan Foods, has undergone a brand transformation, unveiling a new identity named Shan Shares. The company, known for its dominance in South Asian cuisine across over 70 countries and its “Taste Happiness” tagline, aims to emphasize its commitment to social responsibility through this rebranding.

Shan Shares builds upon Shan Foods’ legacy of active community involvement and Corporate Social Value (CSV) initiatives. The company highlights its dedication to empowering underprivileged communities through impactful social welfare projects.

“Shan Shares reflects our deep commitment to social responsibility,” stated Shan Foods co-chairperson Sammer Sultan. “We see numerous opportunities to create positive change throughout our farmer-to-consumer chain by leveraging our resources and influence.”

The newly formed Shan Shares aims to showcase its achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility and its alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It underscores the company’s responsibility as a prominent Pakistani brand to contribute to community upliftment across various sectors like healthcare, education, and environmental preservation.

Shan Shares promises to promote ethical practices within the company and leverage its nationwide presence to foster impactful partnerships focused on sustainable manufacturing, women’s empowerment, environmental initiatives, and educational and healthcare advancements.

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