Infinix Redefines Smartphone Charging with Note 40 Series

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Infinix Redefines Smartphone Charging with Note 40 Series

The Infinix Note 40 series has launched in Pakistan, boasting a variety of innovative charging solutions. The highlight is the industry-first 20W MagCharge technology for Android devices, offering magnetic wireless charging.

Unboxing the Note 40 series reveals a user-friendly approach. Unlike many phones today, it packs a variety of charging options right out of the box. Users get the 20W MagCharger, a powerful 70W wired charger, and a convenient 15W wireless charging pad. Infinix even includes a MagCharge-compatible case for a seamless integration with the charging tech.

For users who need a quick power boost, the 70W wired charging promises to take the phone from 0% to 70% in under 30 minutes. The 20W MagCharger and 15W wireless pad offer cable-free charging options for added convenience.

By including a variety of charging solutions, Infinix empowers users to choose the method that best suits their needs. Whether it’s rapid wired charging, magnetic wireless charging on the go, or a traditional wireless pad, the Note 40 series offers flexibility.

With the introduction of MagCharge technology, Infinix seems to be setting a new standard for smartphone charging in the Android market. The Note 40 series is now available for pre-order on Xpark and in stores nationwide, starting at PKR 54,999.

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