inDrive partners with Hands Foundation for Ride-to-Donate campaign

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inDrive partners with Hands Foundation for Ride-to-Donate campaign

inDrive, the ride-hailing app with a focus on user control, has partnered with the Hands Foundation to launch the Ride-to-Donate initiative. This innovative program allows inDrive users to support underserved communities simply by using the app for their everyday rides.

With Ride-to-Donate, a portion of the fare from every fourth ride will be donated to the Hands Foundation. These donations will directly support the organization’s community development projects, empowering those in need and creating lasting positive change.

More than just a ride

“We’re thrilled to partner with Hands Foundation on Ride-to-Donate,” said Ms. Sidra Kiran, PR and Communication Manager at inDrive. “Through purpose-driven initiatives like this, we can create a more equitable society together.”

The Hands Foundation is a respected organization known for its impactful work in marginalized communities. By joining forces with inDrive, they aim to significantly expand their reach and make a difference in even more lives.

Ride for a cause

Participating in Ride-to-Donate is easy. Simply look for the ‘Ride-to-Donate’ banner within the inDrive app. Every ride you take during the campaign contributes to supporting a good cause.

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