OpenAI to Unveil Captivating AI Chatbots

Mujtaba Ahmed
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OpenAI to Unveil Captivating AI Chatbots

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is tight-lipped about the specifics, but promises something extraordinary coming this Monday. While rumors swirled about a new search engine, Altman assures it’s not about that. Instead, OpenAI has been busy crafting innovative projects designed to capture hearts.

Altman offered a glimpse on X, formerly Twitter, hinting at the unveiling of new AI chatbots, ChatGPT and ChatGPT-4. These chatbots, he believes, will possess a certain magic that will resonate with users.

While details remain under wraps, speculation suggests these chatbots might offer more than just text-based interactions. Could they leverage image-based responses or integrate with Microsoft’s Bing for a unique search experience? We’ll find out on Monday!

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