How Zong 4G Uplifts Women-Owned Businesses

Zong 4G supported small businesses led by women who lacked resources for promoting their ventures.

Mujtaba Ahmed
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How Zong 4G Uplifts Women-Owned Businesses

Pakistan’s small business sector is booming, but many businesses, especially those run by women from home, struggle to access marketing resources. This lack of resources hinders their ability to reach potential customers and achieve growth.

Zong 4G, a Pakistani telecom leader, recognized this challenge and took action through their Inclusive Growth initiative, which focuses on empowering marginalized communities, including women-led businesses.

Understanding the power of social media, Zong 4G partnered with Dr. Urooj, a well-known Pakistani influencer. Dr. Urooj created a five-episode series on Instagram showcasing the products and services of five promising women-led businesses: Northy Natural, Bellizi by Farah, MamaMia Meals,, and Scented Stories Candles. In each episode, Dr. Urooj not only reviewed the products but also shared the inspiring stories of the female entrepreneurs behind them, encouraging viewers to support these businesses.

This initiative by Zong 4G significantly increased brand awareness for the participating businesses by exposing them to Dr. Urooj’s large audience. The social media exposure also led to a rise in sales and customer acquisition, fueling their growth.

Zong 4G’s approach exemplifies how corporations can leverage their resources to uplift small businesses and empower communities. This initiative positions Zong 4G as a leader in corporate social responsibility, contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth by empowering women entrepreneurs.

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