Zong 4G Champions Digital Inclusion at World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2024

Zong 4G's commitment is to bridge the digital divide and empower Pakistan through digitalization.

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Zong 4G Champions Digital Inclusion at World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2024

Every May 17th, the world celebrates World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD). This year’s theme, “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development,” resonates deeply with Zong 4G’s vision of becoming a leading force in Pakistan’s information services and technological innovation. Zong 4G firmly believes that digital advancements hold the key to unlocking a future brimming with inclusivity and prosperity.

However, the global reality paints a concerning picture. With a staggering 2.6 billion people still lacking internet access, the digital divide acts as a significant barrier to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This disparity hinders progress towards a sustainable future for all.

At Zong 4G, a relentless commitment fuels their mission to bridge the digital divide and empower Pakistan through digitalization. They recognize that uninterrupted connectivity is the cornerstone of a thriving digital ecosystem. This perfectly aligns with the spirit of WTISD 2024, which emphasizes the critical role of digital innovation in achieving sustainable development.

Here’s a glimpse into how Zong 4G’s initiatives are paving the way for a more connected and digitally empowered Pakistan:

  • Network Expansion: Zong 4G’s vision to be a leading information services provider translates into continuous network expansion. This ensures that more Pakistanis, especially those in remote areas, gain access to reliable and affordable internet. This connectivity empowers individuals and communities to actively participate in the digital economy, access online education and services, and contribute meaningfully to national development.

  • Digital Innovation: Aligning with their unwavering commitment to digital innovation, Zong 4G has made significant investments in upgrading its information infrastructure this year. These upgrades encompass enhanced data centers and expanded cloud services, guaranteeing robust and reliable connectivity for customers across Pakistan. Additionally, comprehensive research and development programs have been launched, fostering groundbreaking technological advancements and innovation.

  • Investing in Education and Skills Development: Zong 4G acknowledges the crucial role a skilled workforce plays in fostering digital innovation. To address this need, they have established partnerships with organizations like PBM, PSDF, and HANDS. These collaborations equip women, youth, and students with the digital skills and resources they need to thrive in the digital age. These initiatives empower individuals to access online learning resources, explore career opportunities within the digital economy, and contribute to Pakistan’s sustainable development.

  • Empowering Women: Recognizing the pivotal role women play in achieving sustainable development, Zong 4G actively works towards bridging the gender gap in digital literacy. One such example is their partnership with PAGE to establish a Telecentre in a girls’ high school located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. These initiatives empower girls with the knowledge and skills to become active participants in the digital world and contribute to a more inclusive future.

  • Promoting Digital Literacy: Access to technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Zong 4G actively promotes digital literacy through training programs in collaboration with organizations like Knowledge Platform. This empowers individuals to navigate the digital world effectively, unlocking its full potential for education, communication, and economic empowerment.

On this WTISD, Zong 4G reiterates its unwavering commitment to digital inclusion. By fostering innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability, the digital divide can be bridged, paving the way for a more inclusive digital future for all Pakistanis. Together, let’s harness the power of technology to create a connected and prosperous Pakistan where everyone can contribute to a sustainable future.

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