Pakistan Powers Up with Affordable Electric Rickshaws

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Pakistan Powers Up with Affordable Electric Rickshaws

The country is set to begin manufacturing electric rickshaws locally in the coming months. This initiative aims to bring down the price of these eco-friendly vehicles to a much more affordable Rs400,000-500,000 per unit.

Currently, Pakistan relies on imported Completely Knocked-Down (CKD) kits for EV rickshaws, which come with a hefty price tag of Rs1 million each. Localizing production will significantly reduce costs by eliminating import fees and expensive transportation.

There’s another advantage to local production.  Importing CKD kits is a logistical challenge. A single container can only hold a small number of kits, driving up transportation costs. This local production initiative will not only benefit the environment but also make electric rickshaws a more accessible option for Pakistani drivers.

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