WhatsApp Testing New Privacy and Customization Features

Mujtaba Ahmed
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WhatsApp Testing New Privacy and Customization Features

WhatsApp is giving users more control over their privacy and chat experience with new features currently in beta testing.

Lockdown Your Chats on All Devices: Previously, the chat lock feature, which lets you hide chats with a passcode or fingerprint, was only available on the primary device. Now, WhatsApp is testing extending this functionality to linked devices like WhatsApp Web. This means you can keep your chats hidden on any device your account is logged into.

WhatsApp Testing New Privacy and Customization Features

Spruce Up Your Chats: For iOS users, WhatsApp is exploring color customization options. You’ll soon be able to change the app’s main color scheme and even personalize the color of chat bubbles within conversations.

These features are currently in beta testing, so there’s no official word on when they’ll be available to everyone. But they signal WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and offering a more personalized chat experience.

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