YBQ Design Studios Autumn/Fall 2017 Collection

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YBQ Design Studios launched its Autumn/Fall 2017 limited assortment called, ‘Shanakht’ on 15th December, 2017 with an exclusive launch event in Karachi that was well-attended by media, celebrities and socialites including actors like Sarwat Gillani, Hania Amir, Saboor Aly, Singer Danyal Zafar, photographer Rizwan ul Haq, and Makeup Artist Nighat Misbah.

Shanakht is a luxury prêt compilation that offers a blend of comfort in its nearest natural form. The inspiration behind this collection is that our skin represents our originality, but it can be further enhanced and beautified through ‘Shanakht’ which provides luxury, splendor and everlasting chic. This new collection has two varieties; luxury prêt that includes hand stitched apparel in Pashmina and Khadi cotton for casual daily wear.

Along with its new collection, YBQ Design Studios also introduced their accessories collection, YBQ RetroFit. Each accessory is a statement piece with semi-precious stones and a story behind it that makes them unique.

The short narration and dance revolving around the whole concept of Shanakht was the highlight of the event that was applauded by all present at the event.

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, the owner of YBQ Design Studios, stated, “Through this collection, we are trying to portray that clothes protect, not hide from rays or gaze, but it is what defines our ‘Shanakht’ or identity. I hope we get the same appreciation for our new collection like we had gotten for our previous collections.”

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