Sanam Chauhdry ‘Don’t want to Promote Fitna’

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Sanam Chaudhry, who recently announced that she’s left showbiz to follow a more spiritual path, recently took to Instagram and requested PR firms to not send her any packages for promotions as she doesn’t want to spread Fitna.

Chaudhry wrote, “To dear PR companies I shall not be taking PR’s from now on. As I understand that I am promoting Fitna like any desire of buying things in anyone’s heart, who cannot afford I don’t want to disturb any mind or promote worldly desires in one’s heart. As I am helping myself coming out of this.”

She added, “I am sorry to all the PR companies I am committed to already please don’t send as I won’t be promoting.” (sic)

www,pakscoop.comShe concluded, “I promised myself to leave the worldly desires for Allah. How can I as a Muslim want my brother or sister to be in the situation I don’t want to be in.”



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