Lahore’s Swimming Pools are Closed to Prevent Dengue Breeding

Authorities in Lahore have told all swimming pools to close so that mosquitoes that spread dengue don't have a place to lay their eggs.

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Lahore's swimming pools are closed to prevent dengue breeding
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According to reports, this is being done immediately in accordance with a directive issued by Lahore’s Deputy Commissioner (DC), Muhammad Ali. Assistant Commissioners (ACs) have also been told to close all swimming pools in their own tehsils.

The DC Lahore announced that tyre shops are being closely monitored, and their owners have been instructed to work with the district administration to prevent the virus from spreading.

He also told people to get rid of old tyres at gas stations and tyre shops right away. He warned that shops that didn’t follow the rules would be shut down and First Information Reports (FIR) would be filed against them.

The action was taken in response to reports of 55 new dengue cases in Punjab (with no fatalities) since August 20.

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