50,000 Flood Victims Reached Karachi, Living in Relief Camps

Free medical camp set up by Sindh government for flood affectees!

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50,000 Flood Victims Reached Karachi, Living in Relief Camps
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50,000 flood victims from Sindh arrive in Karachi. There could be tens of thousands more flood victims arriving in the provincial capital. The precise number of individuals impacted by the province’s rainfall and flooding is still unknown.

According to Labour and Human Resources Minister Saeed Ghani, 50,000 Sindh citizens who were affected by heavy rains and floods have arrived in Karachi and are staying at various relief camps. At a conference he presided over as president of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Karachi chapter, Ghani predicted that in the days to come, tens of thousands more flood victims may arrive in the provincial capital.

According to the minister, no study has been done to ascertain the precise number of persons impacted by the province’s rains and floods. His prediction was that there could be millions of flood victims. He made sure to emphasise that those who left their houses and travelled to Karachi did so voluntarily.

He also brought up the fact that the PPP branch in Karachi has established more than 65 relief camps to assist those impacted by the floods at the meeting, according to The News. In order to treat the unwell or injured flood victims, medical teams would be stationed at each relief camp, PPP Sindh General Secretary Waqar Mehdi announced during the meeting.

Mehdi said the camps established by the PPP are not accepting cash donations, adding that all monetary contributions by the public are to be deposited in the bank account of the provincial government’s flood relief fund.

He said the PPP will ensure strict supervision of the development works to be carried out across the city for repairing the roads damaged during the monsoon rains. Sindh Women Development Minister Shehla Raza said that special arrangements have to be made for the food and nutritional needs of the displaced children. Shehla said the provincial government has been taking care of the special health needs of the women and children among the affected people.

Mehdi stated that the PPP-established camps do not take cash donations and that all donations should instead be made to the provincial government’s flood relief fund’s bank account.

In order to rebuild the roads destroyed by the monsoon rains, he said, development work must be carried out throughout the city under careful supervision, which the PPP will provide. Shehla Raza, the minister for Sindh women’s development, stated that specific provisions must be made to meet the displaced children’s dietary and nutritional needs. Shehla said that the provincial government has been attending to the unique medical requirements of the impacted women and children.

According to Jawed Nagori, general secretary of the PPP in Karachi, accurate information regarding the arrival of flood victims in the city’s various districts must be gathered. According to Nagori, every effort should be made to make travelling to Karachi for temporary housing as easy as possible for those who have lost their homes to flooding.

25,000 flood victims have arrived in Karachi’s District Malir, according to Sindh Social Welfare Minister Sajid Jokhio, who also noted that the district has been taking in between 3,000 and 4,000 victims per day.

Jokhio proposed building a tent city close to the Northern Bypass as a central place to house the flood victims rather than distributing them among other camps. He argued that the best medical facilities should be available in the projected tent city.

The meeting also decided to denounce the purported audio recording of Senator Shaukat Tareen of the PTI speaking with the finance minister of Punjab, saying that the recording’s contents are detrimental to the nation. The resolution demanded that the federal government use Article 6 of the constitution to take legal action against PTI politicians who had spoken things that were detrimental to Pakistan’s interests.

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