Aima Baig Confirms her Separation from Shahbaz Shigri

Star-singer Aima Baig took to her Instagram stories to announce that she has called off her engagement with Shahbaz Shigri.

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Aima Baig confirms her separation from Shahbaz Shigri

At a private family event on July 24, 2021, famous Pakistani singer Aima Baig got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Shahbaz Shigri. People often saw the two of them together at events and other places. Before he met Aima, Shahbaz Shigri was married to the Pakistani model Ayesha Linea.

People on the Internet have known for a while that Aima and Shahbaz broke up because they stopped following each other on Instagram and deleted their pictures from social media. But Aima and Shahbaz said nothing about the rumours that they were breaking up.

Recently, singer Aima Baig posted on her official Instagram that she and her fiance, Shahbaz Shigri, had broken up. Aima gave Shahbaz a note in which she said that she would always respect him for giving her good memories, but that they were now going their separate ways. She also said that no one needed to send her a “feeling sorry” text because she was fine and doing well. But Aima never explained why they were breaking up.

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