Glow in the Dark Australian Road Goes Viral

A regional road safety project – which looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film – has gone viral online.

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Glow in the Dark Australian Road Goes Viral

An Australian company in the country has come up with a great way to make Australian roads safer, glow-in-the-dark highway lines. In May, a company in Gippsland called Tarmac Line marking, along with Omni Grip and Vic Roads, did a “trial run” of new photoluminescent road markings. So far, the results are amazing.

The lines on the “smarter path” use the natural science of photoluminescence. This is the same process that makes glow-in-the-dark stickers, toys, and watches for kids.  When it gets dark, the coating gives off the light it took in and stored during the day. This makes it easier to see the lines and pavement markings.

Tarmac Line marking John Emanuelli said that since the one-kilometer trial on Metong Road in the southeast of Victoria, businesses and councils had been asking him to light up their paths all the time. “Since the test run, there’s been a lot of interest. It’s a great product, “he told

An Australian company is leading the way with glow-in-the-dark roadway lines

Mr. Emanuelli said that the technology could be used for a lot more than just roads. He said that the markings could be helpful at dark boat ramps or parking lots.

Regional Roads Victoria said that the project was one of 70 tests that were part of a $4 million government programmed to install new, innovative treatments all over regional Victoria.

The government called it a “photo-luminescent delineation treatment” and hoped it would make it easier for drivers to see where to go when it was dark.

“This treatment will make it easier for drivers to see the lines or signs and give intersections and curves more definition. “This will give drivers more time to react and keep them from veering out of their lanes,” it said. “This will be especially helpful for people who have never driven through the area before.”

Photos of the glow-in-the-dark markings are all over social media sites like Facebook and the online message board Reddit. Almost 100,000 people have shared the photos on Facebook.

glow-in-the-dark highway lines

The Reddit post with the simple title “Australian company introduces glow-in-the-dark highway paint technology” has more than 47,000 “up votes” and thousands of comments. “This reminds me of Tron, and I like it,” one person wrote.

Does it come off when it rains or wear out fast? There must be something bad about it, or this would have happened everywhere. Right? ” Another thought, “How long does this light up?” “If it’s anything like the glow-in-the-dark things I’ve owned, this won’t even be visible an hour after sundown,” wrote someone else.

Mr. Emanuelli said that the lights may not last as long on cloudy days, but after sunny days, they usually last “most of the night.” Most importantly, most of the light is taken up during the dangerous time of dusk, when animals start to wander onto the roads.

The government of Victoria is also putting in LED-lit pavement near intersections and other road markings that stand out more.

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