Noor Bukhari Praises Angelina Jolie’s Pakistan Visit

Angelina Jolie's trip to Pakistan was praised by actress Noor Bukhari. Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood actress, activist, and humanitarian.

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Noor Bukhari Praises Angelina Jolie's Pakistan Visit
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Angelina Jolie, a Hollywood actress, activist, and humanitarian, landed in Pakistan on Tuesday to help flood victims and talk to them directly. Jolie is currently in Dadu, Sindh, where she is looking at the damage caused by the floods.

A news release from the International Rescue Committee says that Jolie has come to see and understand the situation, learn about the needs of the people, and take action to stop more people from suffering.

After Angelina Jolie’s great help, famous actress Noor Bukhari wrote on Instagram that she was disappointed that other celebrities weren’t doing more to help with the floods.

She said, “Angelina Jolie’s coming to our country is shameful, and our so-called celebrities, who are always dancing in the streets to promote their movies, are nowhere to be found.” Only Resham and Hadiqa Kayani were left out. Stop pretending to be a fan of fake stars. “

Reports say that the actor took a boat to check out the area around Johi before taking a plane to Dadu’s Zamzama oil fields. People expect her to help those who have been hurt by the flood.

In 2010 and 2005, Jolie went to Pakistan to meet with people who had been hurt by earthquakes. She is here right now as part of the International Rescue Committee’s efforts to help people in need (IRC).

The actor who played Maleficent will bring attention to the fact that people in Pakistan need help right away and that climate change and mass migration need long-term solutions.

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