Protest at JSMU over Alleged Teacher Harassment

A teacher at Jinnah Sindh Medical University has been accused of sexual harassment by his female students.

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Protest at JSMU over Alleged Teacher Harassment

Hundreds of Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) students held a protest on the main road outside of the school near the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) because a student was allegedly sexually harassed. After that, the university put the teacher on leave until further investigation.

At the same time, they sent riot police to the university. Students say that a female student at the university broke her silence on Friday about a lecturer they said was sexually harassing her. After that, a fight broke out between several students and the teacher, and a video showed one student hitting the teacher with her slipper.

Later, the university sent out a notice that the teacher had been suspended and said that it had filed a case with both the harassment committee and the disciplinary committee and had started an investigation.

Hundreds of students gathered at the university on Saturday morning. They protested against the people in charge of the university and asked them to fire the teacher. “This is not the first time a student has been harassed at the university,” a student told SAMAA TV. “Over two dozen cases have been reported to the university administration, but they haven’t done much or anything,” the student added.

Another student said that they always talked severely about the teacher. Still, the complaints were either never made official or were dropped when the varsity told them they wouldn’t get good grades or a promotion if they didn’t take them down.

In the meantime, the university’s press officer said that the girl was to blame for what happened. This made the students even angrier, and since they had never seen the officer on campus, they wondered if he was even a university worker.

The students also said that the police had told them they would be arrested if they continued to protest. Threats from the vice chancellor, The student who was being harassed asked the university administration to fire the accused teacher right away.

She demanded justice, saying that she must be included in the inquiry committee if there is any. She said that she would talk to law enforcement if she did not meet her demands.

The student also said that the vice-chancellor had told her that if she didn’t stop the protest, they would do something. You can’t fire anyone based on what they want.

Asifia, in charge of media for JSU, said that they put on teacher had been put on leave and that they would take strict action after an investigation.

Asifia said that Jinnah Sindh Medical University is a safe place for female students and that it is the responsibility of JSMU to educate and protect its students. She also said that a teacher couldn’t be fired just because a student says something, but that action will be taken only after due process, which is already underway.

“There is no effort to save any teachers.” “How can management do anything if the students haven’t turned in the application?” asks Asifia.

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