A Girl from Kashmir Became Hafiz-e-Quran in 25 Days

A young girl identified as Kulsooma daughter of Ab Majeed from Tulail Gurez in North Kashmir has created a world record by becoming Hafiz e Quran in just 25 days.

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A Girl from Kashmir Became Hafiz-e-Quran in 25 Days
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Kulsuma, who is 20 years old and the daughter of Abdul Majeed Milak and lives in the Kilshay hamlet of the Gurez area of the Bandipora district in North Kashmir, was able to memorize the entire Quran in just 25 days.

According to Kulsuma Bin Majeed, “I was one of 20 ladies aged between 14 and 25 years from different regions of Kashmir who had completed memorizing 30 chapters of the holy Quran within a year.” Kulsuma Bin Majeed made this statement.

Kulsuma continued, saying, “In the future, I want to become Aalima, and I want to make my parents’ dream come true.” In this context, it is essential to note that she is the first girl from Kashmir to have memorized 30 chapters of the Holy Quran in only 25 days; earlier this year, another Kashmiri girl accomplished this feat in 38 days.

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