Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine Closed After Clash

The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi has been closed to pilgrims because it was attacked by a religious group, according to the shrine's management.

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Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine closed after clash

The shrine’s management says that around 200 men and 30 women from a religious group attacked it late on Tuesday night. After the fight, the Boat Basin police filed a case against the religious group’s pilgrims for breaking the law and starting a riot. A person from the Auqaf department called the Boat Basin police station and asked them to file FIR No. 614/22.

In addition to putting up the riots sections, the police also put up the Section 7 of

The Anti-Terrorism Act in the FIR also arrested 35 suspects. “The religious group was told that the shrine was closed, but they forced their way in and started fighting,” the person who filed the FIR said. “They also smashed through the barriers. Also, some people were hurt.”

When police and rescue workers heard about it, they went to the shrine and took control of the situation. The shrine might be opened again today (Thursday). After the fight, the roads around the shrine were shut down, and no pilgrims were allowed to go there.

SHO Naseer Tanoli said that the police had opened a case and included Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act in the FIR. They also arrested 35 people for disturbing law and order. The Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, on the other hand, has said that what the police did inside the shrine was wrong. In a statement to the press on Wednesday, MWM leader Allama Baqar Zaidi said, “We are against the police torturing the pilgrims.”

“The police charged with batons and shelled the shrine, which made it less holy.” He asked the police officers who used baton charges and shelling to be punished. He also said that the shrines of saints are not just for one group and that everyone should respect them.

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