Multinational Fast-Food Chain in Pakistan to Buy Beef Locally

Mcdonald’s, a global chain of fast food, has engaged a local company Al-Shaheer Corporation Ltd (ASC) for purchasing various beef products.

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Multinational Fast-Food Chain Pakistan to Buy Beef Locally

A stock filing with the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) says Al-Shaheer Corporation Ltd has signed a Business Relationship Agreement with McDonald’s Pakistan to supply beef products through their Lahore Frozen Food Facility.

After running out of its beef products because Pakistan recently banned the import of a wide range of goods, including food products, the fast-food chain turned to locally made beef products.

The stock filing said, “It gives us great pleasure to announce that ASC is the first Pakistani company to sign a Business Relationship Agreement with McDonald’s Pakistan to supply beef products.”

With high inflation, foreign food stores can buy edible raw materials from local companies. This will make sure that the products are of high quality. This won’t make it cheaper for them to do business in their area, and they’ll pass the cost on to their customers.

Also, since the companies work together locally, the import bill for non-essential and luxury items is less of a burden.

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