Crown Motorbikes Price Drop

The price of Crown 70 cc Passion Plus has been reduced by Rs 7 thousand and Crown 100 cc reduced by 6 thousand rupees.

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Industry sources say they decided to lower prices because the dollar’s value has decreased, making motorcycles more expensive and causing sales to go down.

According to the company’s new list of prices, the Crown 70 cc Passion Plus has gone down by Rs 7 thousand. That means the motorcycle, which used to cost Rs 89 thousand, will now cost Rs 82 thousand.

In the same way, the price of the Crown 100 cc has decreased by 6 thousand rupees, bringing it from 1 lakh 1 thousand rupees to 95 thousand rupees.

Crown Motorbikes Price Drop

The price of the Crown 100 cc Fighter has gone down by Rs 7,000, from Rs 1 lakh 9 thousand to Rs 1 lakh 2 thousand, while the cost of the Crown 125 cc. The price of (5 Gear) has also decreased by 9 thousand rupees, bringing it down from 1 lakh 45 thousand 500 rupees to 1 lakh 36 thousand 500 rupees.

Because of inflation, there is a significant drop in the number of motorcycles sold. The Pakistan Auto Manufacturers Association says that from July to September of this fiscal year, 2 lakh 93 thousand 830 motorcycles and rickshaws were sold, which is more than four and a half lakh more than the same time last year.

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