Punjab Food Authority Raid on Milk Distribution Center in Lahore

A milk supply unit that used a chemical to preserve dead bodies, the Unit was responsible for the daily distribution of 20,000 liters of milk across Lahore and beyond.

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Punjab Food Authority Raid on Milk Distribution Center in Lahore

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) arrested a suspect and filed a case against seven others for putting a chemical used to preserve dead bodies in fresh milk. A group from the PFA broke into a milk distribution centre on Qusoor Road in Lahore.

When the unit was checked, the authorities found that fresh milk was being mixed with a chemical that is used to keep dead bodies from decomposing. The chemical kept the milk from getting too hot.

During the raid, more than 12,000 litres of fresh milk and 32 litres of oil and chemicals were taken. Every day, the unit sent 20,000 litres of milk all over the city and further.

PFA filed charges against seven suspects and took one of them into custody. Mudassir Riaz Malik, who is the DG of the PFA, said that the white solution could cause cancer. He also said that no one would be allowed to mess with people’s lives.

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