Price of Paracetamol in Pakistan goes up by Rs2.35

The federal health ministry has decided to increase the price of 500gm paracetamol tablet - the most common over-the-counter drug used to temporarily relieve mild-to-moderate pain and fever - by Rs2.35.

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Price of Paracetamol in Pakistan goes up by Rs2.35

The Federal Health Ministry has decided to raise the price of a 500g tablet of paracetamol – a widely accepted drug used to relieve pain and fever – by 2.35 rupees temporarily.

The pharmaceutical company decided on Wednesday while meeting with the Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and the resulting consensus. During the meeting, it was agreed that medicines, including 500mg paracetamol, would be available at Rs 2.35, and fever syrup would be available at Rs 117.68 at least.

Finance ministry officials said that drug prices were raised due to the monopoly of pharmaceutical companies. This decision will end the paracetamol shortage in the market as the pharmaceutical industry has started manufacturing it.

Earlier, Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel dismissed allegations of paracetamol shortage in the country, saying that drug production is continuing as usual. The minister said that the drug is abundant, and the government is not planning to raise its price.

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