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Siyani is the story of Kiran (Anmol Baloch) a stubborn, arrogant, and ill-mannered girl who wants to change her lower-class status at any cost.

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Siyani | Drama Review | GEO TV

Siyani is a deliciously depraved mass entertainer that maintains visitors glued to the TV screen. Siyani is the tale of a stubborn, smug, and rambunctious girl, Kiran (Ammol her Baloch). Kiran was born into a middle-class family. She is a headstrong and arrogant girl who strives to better herself and achieve a lifestyle by taking shortcuts. Kiran’s mother, Nusrat Ala, is aware of her daughter’s nature and does not hold her back. On the contrary, Ujala is a pretty, good girl who lives with Kiran’s family and strives for independence.

In a notably aggressive leisure enterprise, wherein manufacturing organizations spend billions of bucks to increase dramas, seventh Sky Entertainment’s penchant for advanced content material dominates the enterprise left, proper, and center. Led with the aid of using Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, this dynamic duo have confirmed to be trailblazers as producers, imparting audiences their variety with content material from a neutral, down-to-earth angle throughout all genres. I’m here. Her brand new venture.

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She is flirtatious and seeks marriage with the aid of using looking for wealthy guys on her social media. Her mom Nusrat Ara (Beena Chaudhary) is privy to her daughter’s cunning. Instead of preventing them, she helps Kiran’s evil plans.There is every other song with the aid of using Ujala (Sanya Shamshad), a stunning and well-mannered man or woman who lives with Kiran’s own circle of relatives. She become abused with the aid of using Kiran and Nusrat Ala and as an end result did not obtain her lifestyles goals. One day, Zarbab (Mohsin Abbas Haider) sees Kiran at her wedding ceremony and falls in love. Zarbab is young, wealthy, and is derived from a rich own circle of relatives. A twist withinside the tale takes place whilst Kiran cheats Ujala with the aid of using replacing a prize really well worth rupees. 1.5 crore. Kiran modifications her identification and hints Zarbab’s own circle of relatives into marrying her.

Standout Aspects

 Zarbab’s brother Zohaib (Osama Khan) begins offevolved to love Ujala and proposes marriage to her, which she refuses. desirable side Director Ali Akbar has mastered the tale perfectly. Everything is so well-synchronized that I’m surprised at how every episode turns out. From problem desire to actor choice to suspenseful moments, this fascinating own circle of relatives tale works brilliantly. Writer Sadia Akhtar has some moments really well worth mentioning. The satisfactory element is that the writing is complete with strength and surprise. It’s formidable to unmarried out some sequences because the play builds momentum from the start.


Zarbab, a handsome young man belonging to an influential and wealthy family. His first meeting with Kiran is magical as he falls in love with at first sight. Kiran sees this as a way to succeed in life and weaves a web of lies and deceit around Zarbab. Ujala, on the other hand, is forced to live without love and with unfulfilled dreams. Will her Ujala get the love and respect she deserves, and how much longer can Kiran, who has built his life on his lies and deceptions, survive? Hide your truth? Written by: Sadia Akhtar, Director: Ali Akbar, Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi, Production base:7. Entertainment in the sky


A lot has happened in the story in a few weeks. Ujala married Rizwan. It was the same man who followed her earlier, but his attitude towards his wife changed after marriage. I have become a nagging husband who has no choice but to point out his wife’s flaws. Bee Gee left this world for eternal peace – Kiran took advantage of the situation to stage a scene at his funeral. Meanwhile, Zohaib married Nawal. Kiran tried to get in the way, but his plan failed. On the wedding night, Kiran complained that too much attention was being paid to the new bride, but when she entered the house, she wasn’t even asked about the meal. I didn’t hear everything he said.Life became hell for Zohaib after his marriage. Nawal wasn’t the kind of girl he wanted to marry. On her first morning, he asked her to dress according to her family rules, but she wouldn’t listen. Misunderstandings between them soured their relationship, and as viewers, we knew the marriage would not last. The drama lacks novelty, with predictable twists and turns that further scramble the pace. It’s time our playwrights turn their attention to monotonous plots that have no purpose or message embedded in the story. The story of the greedy girl has been told many times but lacks freshness as far as the plot is concerned.

Cast Supremacy

One of the best forms of popular entertainment in Pakistan is the country series. Today, a Pakistani family would be hard to beat without the fun and unity of Pakistani drama. We have worked hard to bring you lots of fun content. “Siyani” has been feeling guilty for several months. Not necessarily well written, the show has long since entered the dreaded Har Pal Geo “crawl” phase. Nonetheless, it’s an addiction that keeps viewers hooked just to see evil leading lady Kirin finally face some form of justice for her horrific deeds. Starring Ammol Balok, Osama Khan, Sanya Shamshad, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Tipu Shraleef, Siyani is written by Sadia Akhtar and directed by Ali Akbar. Siyani is currently at that crossroads. Ujala (Saniyashamshad) is now the principal of her school and she is trying to transform her whole family for a better life. Zohaib is back in Pakistan in with his now divorced daughter and is looking for a possible reunion with his now-divorced Ujala. A love story you can relate to. Meanwhile, Kirin (Ammorbalochi) returns to Zarbabs (Mohsin Abbas Haidar) and causes chaos as usual while her family makes plans for Zohaib and Ujala’s possible remarriage. There is something to be said for “Siyani” and its expression of kinship. On one side is Nusrat (Vena Chowdhury), a truly horrible human who has not only abused Ujala her entire life but has also lived a life of manipulation and dishonesty.

One that always holds

She raised and “trained” her own daughter in the same way. If Kiran is manipulative, it’s her mother’s fault; However, can we all agree on whether it’s right or wrong that his mother supported Kiran in every way possible? Maybe, but Nusrat can’t be blamed for abandoning her daughter. He used his voice to protect her from rain or shine. Do we classify her as a bad mother or is she just a bad person? On the other hand, Zarbab and Zohaib’s parents are “good people”.There is nothing overtly “wrong” with them other than judging their daughter-in-law for every action and step. But are they really good parents? These are parents who don’t take care of their children. These are the parents who are so “good” that Naveen thinks she’d rather kill herself than talk about the troubles she’s been through. They, who were also responsible for their daughter’s death, berated the divorced eldest daughter. The giraffe was poisonous in every way, and instead of getting up every time their son threw it out of the house, they persuaded him to bring it back. he did not intervene for his own sake, or even for his own sake. Are they good parents?

Personal Review

To be honest, what really excites me is parenthood in Siyani. But how does the story continue? Despite the star-studded, low-key film style, it’s the acting that really keeps audiences hooked. Now ‘Siyani’ is in a terrible creep and the story seems to be coming to an end, but Kirin’s return to Zarbab’s house means that the fourth round of Kirin manipulation now begins. Luckily for Zohaib and Ujala, the road to a reunion seems to be narrowing, and unless Ujala cooperates and allows her ego to intervene, we may see one sooner or later. not.

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