YouTube Empowers Viewers with Safer Internet Experience

Protecting Privacy, Managing Time and Empowering Families: YouTube's Latest Features for a Safer Online Experience.

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YouTube Empowers Viewers with Safer Internet Experience

The biggest video-sharing website in the world, YouTube, is making efforts to provide its users of all ages with a safer online environment. The business is emphasising the newest tools and advice to control the YouTube experience and safeguard privacy in observance of Safer Internet Day.

Mindfulness Customization with Digital Wellbeing Tools:

Tools for digital wellbeing have been added to YouTube to aid users in managing their time spent there. These resources include choices for customising autoplay, time watched settings, and bedtime reminders.

Manage Data Privacy with YouTube’s “Your Data in YouTube” Page:

The “Your Data in YouTube” website allows users to frequently monitor and manage their YouTube data. The page provides settings and controls to regulate data privacy as well as an overview of the user’s content and activity data.

Protections for Kids and Tweens with YouTube Kids and Eligible Devices:

By logging into YouTube Kids and YouTube on supported devices, parents and other adults can increase their children’s protections. Parents who have joined in to YouTube Kids can tailor each child’s experience, ban content, and approve particular channels and videos. Families with tweens have the choice to sign in on gaming consoles, smart TVs, and the YouTube Music app thanks to supervised accounts on YouTube.

Education on Online Safety with “Build a Safer Internet” Playlist:

In order to spread awareness about the responsible, beneficial, and safe use of technology by families, YouTube has developed a unique YouTube Kids playlist called “Build a Safer Internet.” The collection features kid-friendly tunes and advice on screen time moderation, internet safety, and other pertinent subjects.

Visit the How YouTube Works website or contact the team at @TeamYouTube for additional details on YouTube’s commitment to a safer online experience.

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