Daraz Live Sales Influence Over 1.2 Million Orders in 2022

Daraz Live selling saw a 900 percent increase in orders in the last six months of 2022.

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Daraz Live Sales Influence Over 1.2 Million Orders in 2022

A report on the performance of Daraz Live selling in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal during the last 12 months was published by Daraz Group, the top e-commerce platform in South Asia. According to the report, orders for live commerce, which combines live streaming and sales, increased by 900% in the latter half of 2022. For industries like fashion, lifestyle, electronics, and fast-moving consumer goods, live selling has proven particularly effective.

The Daraz influencers concept, which was introduced by Daraz Live, enables marketers to reach out to a pool of influencers that have received professional live streaming training across Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Since influencers’ introduction, they have been responsible for 45% of all orders.

The market value of brands in Asia Pacific is predicted to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025 thanks to live commerce, which has developed quickly in China. Daraz, the top e-commerce company in South Asia, is optimistic that live selling will take off in the coming years as internet usage in the area increases.

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