PUBG MOBILE Celebrates its Fifth Year with Version 2.5 Upgrade

The unveiling of PUBG MOBILE’s brand new build mode, where players will be able to create their own in-game content.

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PUBG MOBILE Celebrates its Fifth Year with Version 2.5 Upgrade

With a comprehensive Version 2.5 Upgrade, PUBG MOBILE is celebrating its fifth year. Players may now create their own in-game content using the brand-new construction mode World of Wonder, which went into beta on March 16. With the ability to modify game settings and add new mechanisms, four landscapes are available to construct on. Two pre-made gameplay templates are offered for individuals who find the prospect of starting from scratch too intimidating.

The Version 2.5 Update adds Imagiversary celebrations with two new Imagination Plazas and ten smaller Imagination Districts across Erangel and Livik to commemorate PUBG MOBILE’s birthday. To spice up the party, there are now four additional products available. Updates have been made to the Metro Royale and Payload game modes, and Cycle 4 Season 11 and Royale Pass Month 21 will introduce new content, rewards, and cosmetics.

Players who enjoy living life on the fast track can also look forward to a new partnership with a well-known automaker. For a detailed list of what is included in the update, consult the official patch notes. Both the ITunes Store and Google Play Store offer a free download of PUBG MOBILE.

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