TikTok and Edkasa Extend #ExamReady Scholarship Program in Sindh

The #ExamReady campaign has successfully brought learning to life for millions of Pakistani students.

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TikTok, Edkasa Extend #ExamReady Scholarship Program in Sindh

Pakistan’s leading short-form video platform, TikTok, and edtech startup, Edkasa, have teamed up with the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) to extend the highly successful #ExamReady scholarship program to over 10,000 deserving students in Sindh. The primary objective of this partnership is to revolutionize learning methods and enhance educational achievements among students in the province.

In early 2022, TikTok, Edkasa, and the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) launched #ExamReady, a pioneering STEM-focused digital learning program. This innovative initiative aimed to facilitate online education and distance learning for high school students. Earlier this year, the program was expanded to offer online study grants to 18,000 deserving students from all across Pakistan.

The collaboration with the Sindh Education Foundation represents a significant step toward promoting quality education in disadvantaged areas of Sindh. The extended scholarships will be offered to post-primary students in grades IX to XII within the province. This strategic partnership builds upon TikTok and Edkasa’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology and provide a world-class online learning experience to secondary and high school students through the Edkasa app.

The #ExamReady campaign has successfully brought learning to life for millions of Pakistani students. With over 500 educational videos covering subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, the campaign has become immensely popular on TikTok. These engaging videos offer valuable study tips and exam hacks, garnering an impressive 558 million views and inspiring close to 114,000 student-generated video creations since its launch.

As TikTok expands its impact on the communities it serves, the platform’s collaboration with Edkasa showcases its commitment to creating meaningful partnerships. TikTok’s success has enabled it to forge alliances with apps like Edkasa, which has already amassed over 480,000 downloads, further enhancing its value.

Numerous testimonials from students and their parents attest to the app’s and TikTok’s ability to provide immense value, particularly for those who struggle within the traditional classroom learning model. The partnership’s main focus is to ensure access to quality education and improve learning outcomes, underscoring the belief that technology plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

Zara Basharat Higgs, Manager of Public Policy Programs and Partnerships for South Asia and Pakistan, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “We believe that education is a fundamental right, and technology has an integral role to play in improving access and outcomes for students. We are proud to partner with Edkasa and the Sindh Education Foundation to extend our #ExamReady scholarship program and help even more students in disadvantaged areas of Sindh gain access to quality education. Through this partnership, we hope to continue making a positive impact on the lives of young people in Pakistan and beyond.”

Fahad Tanveer, CEO of Edkasa, acknowledged the immense potential that can be unlocked when working together to make quality education more accessible, expressing gratitude for the strategic support from TikTok and the remarkable initiative demonstrated by the SEF team. Tanveer emphasized their commitment to supporting students across Sindh through the Edkasa app.

Abdul Kabir Kazi, Managing Director of the Sindh Education Foundation, highlighted the government’s dedication to promoting and developing education throughout the province. He stated, “The #ExamReady initiative provides students with access to premium online content. This timely intervention has given our students a platform to further enhance

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