Discover Maanu’s Musical Journey on Spotify RADAR Pakistan

The talented artist, Maanu, who is gaining recognition for his ability to blend various genres, such as electronic, hip-hop, pop, and R&B, seamlessly, is the newest artist to be highlighted on RADAR Pakistan.

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Discover Maanu's Musical Journey on Spotify RADAR Pakistan

The RADAR programme from Spotify has made a big difference in Pakistan by promoting local artists on a worldwide scale. Maanu, a young musician, will have this chance to present his work during the second quarter of 2023. Fans are captivated by Maanu’s engaging fusion of R&B and pop, as well as his memorable lyricism.

A ground-breaking first for the platform, RADAR is thrilled to introduce Maanu through an exclusive mini-documentary that explores his path and exemplifies the incorporation of AI in visual design. Viewers will also be treated to Maanu’s newest song, “2 MINUTES // SMOG CITY,” which was only made available as part of the documentary.

Maanu thanked everyone and expressed his delight at becoming the upcoming Spotify RADAR artist. He sees it as a chance to cooperate with those who are closest to him and tell his narrative on his terms. Maanu also indicated the concurrent release of his new album, “YIN // YAIN,” a preview of which will be included in the RADAR documentary. He thinks that by doing this campaign, more people will hear his music.

Khan FM, who oversees Spotify’s artist and label partnerships in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, expressed enthusiasm for promoting Maanu’s music on a worldwide scale. With his own sound, Maanu has carved out a niche for himself in the Pakistani indie scene.

Watch Maanu’s RADAR documentary to follow his musical journey as he continues to gain notoriety both within and outside of Pakistan.

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