Insights from the 6th Edition of Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit

The event was moderated by Rabia Ahmad, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Nutshell Group, and Shaha Tariq, Head of Content & Storytelling, Nutshell Communications (Pvt) Limited.

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Insights from the 6th Edition of Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit

Recent business executives, decision-makers, and experts gathered in Pakistan’s capital city for the 6th Edition of the executives in Islamabad Business Summit to explore the topic of “The BIG Rethink.” The conference sought to address the demand for advancement and sustainable development in a number of industries. Despite the event’s broad scope, which included leadership, disruption, and innovation, the telecom sector was also well-represented. We’ll examine the important takeaways from the summit in this exclusive blog post, focusing in particular on the telecom industry.

Embracing Digital Transformation:

The urgent need for digital transformation was a frequent topic throughout the summit. SoftBank Investment Advisers’ Middle East Managing Partner Faisal Rehman emphasised the significance of utilising digital technologies for economic progress. He highlighted the efficient use of distinctive data for analytics and economic development and thanked NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) for its contribution in expediting progress.

Internet Access and Digital Inclusion:

Aamir Ibrahim, the president and chief executive officer of Jazz and the chairman of Mobilink Microfinance Bank, emphasised the importance of universal access to the Internet. He urged against Internet blackouts, emphasising how they would impede the development of the nation. Aamir Ibrahim emphasised the accomplishments of RAAST, a project showcasing the possibilities of digitization. He argued for a mentality change to reconsider international trade and fully utilise the benefits of digitization.

Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Disruption:

During a discussion on leadership and strategy in the face of disruption, prominent figures from the telecom industry, including Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan and Chairman of Telenor Bank, offered their perspectives. For sustainable progress, they emphasised the value of equipping teams, accepting setbacks, and taking the long view. These leaders promoted a paradigm change that challenges expectations and values innovation.

Privatization and Power Sector Disruption:

CEO of K-Electric Limited Moonis Alvi spoke about the necessity for reform and privatisation in the electricity industry. He emphasised the critical role privatisation may play in overcoming obstacles and determining Pakistan’s destiny in terms of power distribution. His comments highlighted the ties between the telecom and energy industries and emphasised the importance of innovative solutions for sustainability.

Thought-provoking conversations on sustainability, advancement, and disruptive change were made possible by the 6th Edition of the Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit. Although the event covered a wide range of subjects, the telecom industry stood out as a crucial actor in Pakistan’s quest for sustainable growth. The conference underlined the critical role that the telecom industry plays in determining Pakistan’s future, from embracing digital transformation and guaranteeing Internet access for all to reinventing leadership methods and exploring disruptive solutions. Pakistan may pave the road for a more sustainable and forward-thinking society by utilising these insights and putting creative ideas into practise.

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