Careem introduces Eco-friendly rides to combat climate change in Dubai

Act on climate change with your next ride in Dubai.

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Careem introduces Eco-friendly rides to combat climate change in Dubai

In a major move toward environmental sustainability, Careem has added eco-friendly rides, a new class of cars, to its platform in Dubai. These rides can be used to offset carbon emissions and support local and global conservation initiatives for an extra AED 0.05 per kilometer.

Careem will quantify and eliminate the emissions produced by eco-friendly rides in collaboration with CarbonSifr. This program is in line with Careem’s dedication to encouraging environmentally friendly behaviors and lessening its influence on the environment.

Why choose eco-friendly rides?

  • Fight climate change: You can take a proactive role in mitigating the consequences of climate change by choosing eco-friendly transportation.
  • Encourage conservation initiatives: Your donations will go toward financing a range of conservation initiatives, such as the planting of mangroves in Abu Dhabi and the rehabilitation of coastal habitats in South Asia.
  • Minimal cost: For a major environmental impact, the extra fee of AED 0.05 per kilometer is a small price to pay.

Careem urges its customers to make eco-friendly transportation choices to actively contribute to a cleaner future. By working together, we can reduce our environmental impact and help create a more sustainable planet.

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